Updating internet explorer 6 to 7

Just install Firefox's Collusion or the Ghostery add-in (available for all major browsers) for an idea of just how extensive the tracking is—especially scary is that much of it's done by sites you never even intentionally visited.

The improvements in Internet Explorer seem to be starting to resonate with the public: after steadily losing usage share for several years, the browser is starting to make a comeback.

With Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft's browser need no longer be an object of derision.

One of these is that the scrollbars have been redesigned with a Windows 8 look. As a refresher on the IE interface: It's as trim as it gets, giving more area to the Web page contents and the least to the browser's own interface features.With Microsoft focused on Windows 8, it's no surprise that Internet Explorer 10, the company's latest Web browser version, made its way into that operating system first.But now Windows 7 users can take advantage of this faster and far more standards-compliant browser.The new-tab page helpfully shows your most frequently visited pages, but you can hide these if you'd rather not have everyone seeing some sites you frequent.The new-tab page now has a gray background, making the tiles for your frequently visited sites stand out more.

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