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Today, we’re not going to refer to fat girls as BBW, more-to-love, big girls, plus sized or any of that other sh!

t that people other than fat girls deem more politically correct. Those proportional fat girls with tanks asses that change the course of the Earth’s path around the Sun.

cks” stereotype every time I see the opposite race. See any size woman can possess fat p*ssy though; skinny girls and thick girls. However, there’s a myth that fat girls are insecure, everyone has insecurities.

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Been doing the online dating thing for about 3 months now. I loved these men to pieces and they loved me back. ) “You’re sure are picky for a fat woman.” You bet your ass I am! I would MUCH rather be alone and lonely then with some dickhead and lonely. I know you big girls like the big one’s” Whoa, there stud.

F*cking a big woman from the front and digging into her warm marshmallowy insides is what life is all about. Fat girl sex is usually passionate, sweaty, and raunchy.

Afterwards, it’s impossible to sleep next to a sexy fat girl and not cling onto her, and have nothing but sweet dreams. Every position requires a few more inches or a little more effort, but if you slanging that pipe by the yard it’s no problem.

“Again, the stigma of fat.” He knows this because he was once one of those men.

“Many other guys fight against it or think of fucking a fat guy as a guilty pleasure or, worse, a dirty secret,” he says.

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